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Wild Mustang Demonstrations for your Event!



Cindy can showcase her trained Mustang Team of horses or Start a Wild untouched horse at your event! 

Mustangs have been a huge part of Cindy's life in the past several years.    Starting in 2007 in the very first Extreme Mustang Makeover, Cindy has been a   top competitor making it to the finals and Reserve Champion Mustang Magic.  She and her horse Tucker the Mustang have been finalists in Extreme Cowboy Races, The Televised America's Favorite Trail Horse Competition, Reserve Battle of the Breeds Champion Equifest of Kansas, and The Worlds Most Beautiful Horse Grand Champion. Cindy Branham has been a featured guest on Rick Lambs RFD TV Show and multiple times in the Extreme Mustang Makeover RFD TV Specials.   

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Cindy Branham, Certified Horse Trainer & Clinician


 "Coaching a student from the start and seeing them succeed in the small victories of confidence is the most rewarding part of my career." -- Cindy Branham

With now over 30 + years of horse training experience, at one time  this determined horsewoman wanted more than just a degree from the school of hard knocks.    "I had been training horses from a very early age and had a successful   program, but there came a time when I knew there was more the Lord wanted   for me.  It was time to take my training program to the next level."  So Cindy   sought out one of the most proven and well known teachers in the industry,   John & Josh Lyons.  "John Lyons has always been one of my heroes."  Cindy invested   in her career and became a certified trainer in the John & Josh Lyons Certification   Program.  She even graduated with the honor and title of "Select" trainer.   

Cindy has had a very successful Coaching, Training, & Competition program. From coaching students from the start of their equine education to them winning local, National, and World Championship titles and year end awards.  Students of all ages have excelled under the direction of Cindy Branham.  

  Cindy has been a crowd favorite at Kansas Equifest and the Iowa Horse Fair.  Cindy not only knows how to train horses, she knows how to teach people.  Two traits that   aren't always guaranteed to come together.  "Cindy has a natural talent as a   public speaker." notes WIBW-FM Morning Show host and Kansas Broadcaster   of the Year Rusty Walker.  


Hands on Clinics




Come train with Cindy Branham & her Mustangs or bring your own horse along! Cindy works with all breeds of horses and levels of riders. Clinics are located here at The Rockin RC Ranch or host a clinic at your place! 

From the ground, at liberty, or riding, Cindy has a clinic to fit your needs! 

-Wild Horses

-Liberty Training

-Ground Work

-Building Confidence & Working Through Your Fears!

-Trail & Obstacles

-Working Equitation

-Extreme Cowboy Racing 

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