Mustang Adoption, Training, & Clinic Program

"First Touch"

What is a Wild Mustang?

 Did you know that the United States is the home of almost 130,000 Wild Horses, also called Mustangs, that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) takes care of? According to a 2017 report, the BLM estimated there were nearly 83,000 wild horses and burros on the range at the end of 2017. And another 46,000 BLM Wild Horses in long term holding facilities in the USA. These wild horses for one reason or another have been declared unwanted. No value other than being a ward of the State that the federal government will take care of for the rest of their lives or the BLM finds suitable adopters to take over the responsibility of care and ownership. Even though the BLM has many different programs to adopt, the numbers of wild horses that the government, (our tax dollars) support annually is not being helped much. The population of wild horses continues to grow.  

Adopt a Mustang

 Cindy Branham can help you select, adopt, train and have a lifetime partnership with your mustang! Her proven gentling and training method will produce a willing and trusting partner. While she trains your mustang, you will be learning Cindy’s Step x Step ground work and riding program on one of her already trained horses. This way you will be ready to work with and ride your own mustang at the end of Cindy’s training program. Cindy’s motto is, “Lets save one Mustang at time!”  Contact Cindy Branham for more information! 




In April 2017 we gave Cindy the task of finding our then 10 year old granddaughter a BLM Mustang. After hours of riding numerous BLM mustangs, at the Hutchinson Correctional Facility, Cindy chose Lucky, a 4 year old colt. The first meeting of Lucky and Kiley was an immediate connection. We had Cindy train & ride Lucky the summer of 2017, with Kiley taking full ridership in the fall of 2017. 

It has been exciting to watch Lucky respond to Kiley as he did for Cindy. Kiley has become a much better rider and Lucky is gaining more trust every day they ride together. Kiley has become softer with her hands, and seat, by practicing the drills Cindy has given. It is fun to watch quick stops, correct leads, flying lead changes, diagonal side passes, spins, and roping at a lope from this mustang colt and a 12 year old rider. Kiley has received many compliments about her improved riding since training with Cindy.

One thing we really appreciate about Cindy is that she addresses Kiley and Lucky’s needs and works with them to be successful. Cindy is passionate about rescuing mustangs and turning them into beautiful performance horses has had great success. 

Bill & Kathi Hachmeister