Meet the branhams!

Madison, Colten, &
Justin Branham


 Madison Branham is 13 years old, she has been on the back of horse almost non stop since she was 5, now an incredible horseman. She is our pride in joy, and our youngest of 3 children! She brings sunshine into all the lives she encounters. 

She is a delight to work 

with and a huge help on the ranch. 

Colten Branham is our oldest son. He is 23 years old and our anchor to the future of our family, reminding us of the joy that is still with us and what is to come. He brings love and laughter to us all.  He lives in Topeka, Kansas 

with his wife 

Hannah Branham. 

Justin Branham is forever, 16 years old. 

He was the shining light in our lives and still is a constant reminder for us to live each day to the fullest being kind to others and showing compassion to those who need it most. 

RIP 05/10/1999 - 12/23/2015

Cindy & Ryan Branham


My name is Cindy Branham, from the first time I can remember the feeling a horse brought to my soul, it has been my passion to not only spend my life side by side with the horse, but to share my journey with others around me.  

I have been a trainer, teacher, and coach for past 30 plus years. It has been a journey of hard work, disappointments, triumphs, and pure joy.  Now, as I evolve my career into Equine Assisted Mental Horse Therapy, I cant wait to continue my journey and be able to share not only horsemanship,  but the intense connection and healing that a horse can bring into our lives. 

Ryan Branham is the cornerstone to our lives. His dedication, work ethic, and support to our family is priceless. He not only takes amazing care of us, but is also a Firefighter for the Topeka Fire Department. His heart of compassion to his fellow man is his truest gift. He also can fix anything, build anything and works his tail off to keep our home and ranch running smoothly. 


From our Family to yours!


My family's and my true hope and goal for our Program is it to clearly teach  about the true beauty and grace of God, and how it is revealed to us through the horse.  There is a great lesson to be learned here.  It's understanding the   transformation of a wild untrained horse to a submissive meek horse; and   his desire to have a trusting and loving relationship with humans. 

We are much like a wild untrained horse that needs to understand Gods ways and submit our lives to His will, in that, we may find the joy of   the Lord in serving Him. 

We invite you to attend one of our many different clinics or demonstrations to find how to reach for and achieve all that is possible! 

Luke 18:27  ...."with God all things are possible"